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Summer Chamber Music Workshop

Faculty Artists

Faculty members are an intrinsic part of the Summer Chamber Music Workshop community. While on campus, they coach music groups, perform during the Summer Concert Series, and participate in camp activities. The faculty includes Director Lenny Matczynski, the Apple Hill String Quartet, and artists from the U.S. and abroad. Below is a representative list of past and present teachers.

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Ralph Allen, violin and viola

Amadi Azikiwe, viola

Kinan Azmeh, clarinet

Sam Bergman, viola

Lila Brown, viola

Arthur Cook, cello

Marilyn Coyne, oboe

Cenovia Cummins, violin

Gabriela Diaz, piano and violin

Pamela Epple, oboe and English horn

Maura Glennon, piano

Judith Gordon, piano

Rohan Gregory, violin

Netta Hadari, violin

Gilad Harel, clarinet

Betty Hauck, viola

Gregory Hesselink, cello

Heidi Braun-Hill, violin

Mark Hill, oboe

Whitacre Hill, horn

Vanessa Holroyd, flute

Jesse Holstein, violin

Kate Holzemer, viola

Myra Huang, harpsichord

Mary Javian, double bass

Colleen Jennings, violin

Iris Jortner, cello

Frank Kelley, tenor

Salley Koo, violin

Elizabeth Larson, violin

Wendy Law, cello


Tina Lee Hadari, violin

Jeff Louie, piano

Varty Manouelian, violin

Andrew Mark, cello

Lenny Matczynski, viola

Robert Merfeld, piano

Rane Moore, clarinet

Ralph Morrison, violin

Jennifer Morsches, cello

Tai Murray, violin

Matthias Naegele, cello

Karl Paulnack, piano

Moby Pearson, viola

Peggy Pearson, oboe

Sally Pinkas, piano

Movses Pogossian, violin

Guy Porat, oboe

Gretchen Pusch, flute

Emily Rome, viola

Katie Schlaikjer, cello

Jean Schneider, piano

Cornelia Schwartz, violin

John Steinmetz, bassoon

Troy Stuart, cello

Miriam Avalos Teie, piano

Eric Thomas, clarinet

Kate Vincent, viola

Brooks Whitehouse, cello

Yi-Heng Yang, piano

Max Zeugner, double bass